Packing Made Easy

Your hotel is booked, you have activities planned what’s next? You need to get yourself packed of course! Whether you are a fan of leaving it to the last minute or you meticulosity plan out what you are going to wear weeks in advance of taking a trip you could probably always use just a touch more space n your bag or suitcase.  So what are some of the ways to pack efficiently and fuss-free allowing you to enjoy your trip in style?

Roll clothing

 Rolling your clothing rather than folding items is a sure fire way to make more space in your bag. Not only will it allow you to fit more items, rolling your outfits also makes it easier to see what you have in your bag not to mention that rolling will significantly decrease the number of wrinkles your items will attract while in transit. On the topic of wrinkles, no one wants to send their vacation ironing, so if you have the ability to hang your clothes up when you arrive at your destination do so as soon as you can. Consider hanging wrinkles intel in the bathroom while you take a shower; the steam from the hot water will work wonders on any creases.


Stuff things inside shoes

Make use of all available space in your luggage by stuffing small items of clothing inside any extra pairs of shoes you are bringing along. This is an ideal method for storing socks, underwear and tights. For one thing, you will always know where these clothing essentials are plus you don’t have to worry if they get wrinkled.

Take multi tasking clothes A.K.A a capsule wardrobe

You have probably heard of capsule wardrobes where 6 separate pieces of clothing can be combined in different ways to create multiple different outfits. This minimalist approach to clothing is not to everyone taste or style but for even the most prolific of shoppers it is an ideal solution for holiday clothes. Look out your multitasking clothes items that can go from night to day with a quick change of wrap or the addition of a well-placed accessory.

Find out if there is a laundry

Of course, no one wants to spend their holiday washing and folding clothes but for longer stays find out if laundry facilities are available. Being able to wash your clothes during a trip will significantly reduce the number of items you need to bring with you. If you are travelling with kids access to a washing machine will save you having to bring countless extras of everything in case of spills or accidents. Another bonus having laundry options is that you can do a wash of all your clothes on the last night of your trip so you are bringing home a suitcase fo fresh clothes rather than dirty ones to help ease back into post-holiday world

Have a change of clothes in your carry on

If you are flying and checking luggage into the hold, bring a change of clothes in your carry on, just as you would with medication or contact lenses. Should your bags be lost in transit or delayed in reuniting with you, you will be able to slip into something more comfortable after a long day of travelling. If you are headed to a hot place with a beach or pool, consider taking a swimsuit in your carry on as well so you can start enjoying your vacation right away.

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