The best ways to stay safe while travelling

Travelling should be all about the adventure and excitement of seeing new places and meeting new people. Unfortunately, in today’s world we also need to be extremely aware of safety and security. Most peoples trips go to plan with no unexpected incidents but for the times that the worst does happen it pays to be well prepared. Worrying about what could or might happen is not going to help and instead may spoil your hard earned holiday. Making some small preparations prior to your trip can help give you peace of mind in addition to helping improve any bad situations that come along.

Copies of documents

Make copies of all your important travel documents such as passports, drivers license, travel insurance and tickets. Should you lose anything or worse be a victim of theft, having crucial information such as document numbers and booking references close to hand will make getting replacement documents much easier. Keeping electronic copies on your phone is another great option, but bear in mind that your phone will need to be charged to access them!

Don’t flaunt cash or valuables

Just because you are on holiday don’t mean that you can leave your common sense at home! Be careful with your valuables at all times and do not make flashy displays of the cash you are carrying. It is always a good idea to split up cash and store it in a couple of locations on your person, for example, don’t keep all your cash in your wallet, put some in pockets and even consider tucking an emergency note or two into your sock. Should you be pickpockets you will still have some funds left. Regarding valuables, just because you feel safe leaving your laptop on the table of your local coffee shop when you go for a toilet break doesn’t mean you can do that wherever you are in the world.

Know the area

Do your research before embarking on a trip, whether it is to South London or South Sudan. Having a general idea of the geography of the place you are headed to is a great way of building excitement for your visit as well as a way of improving your safety. Finding out in advance that there are certain neighbourhoods where tourists may not be welcome is far preferable to finding it out after taking a wrong turn late at night.

Learning the basics of the language of the company is always recommended, and even if you use it for nothing less than to say please and thank you the locals will appreciate your attempts!

For more dangerous parts of the world be sure to know where your nearest embassy is, register your trip with them if necessary and be aware of any travel alerts that have been issued.

Make a family plan

When travelling with children have a plan that can go into action should you get separated from each other. E.g go to the nearest police station or meet at a particular ice cream stand in a theme park. When login for a day out with your kids it is a great idea to snap a picture of them so you can immediately have an accurate description of what they were wearing should they be separated from you. Write your name and contact information on your child’s hand and cover it with liquid paster to prevent it being washed off, there are even companies that can send you custom made temporary tattoos with your contact details on it!

Wherever you go, we wish you an amazing and safe trip!

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