Preventing a family melt down on holiday

Do you remember your first spontaneous trip? One day you decided to throw some clothes in a bags and take off for a weekend or perhaps longer. When travelling with your family there are a lot more considerations to think about. While making a spontaneous trip can seem like an exciting prospect, realising that you left your child’s favourite stuffed animal at home can quickly turn an outing from adventure to aggravation. Make the most of your hard earned time off by preparing for a stress-free time with these easy reminders.

Bring a favourite comfort item along for the ride

You don’t want to be bringing the entire toy chest with you but selecting one or two of your child’s favourite items will be helpful in not just keeping them occupied while travelling but can also be a great source of comfort in an unfamiliar place. If your child has a favourite (small) blanket or pair of pyjama be sure to pack them too.

Bring extra outfits (or find a laundry)

Let’s cut to the chase, kids get messy! Think back on your own childhood and you might just find the some of your favourite memories were accompanied by needing to change out of whatever clothes you were wearing when the memorable moment happened. Whether it is mud and grass stains from climbing trees, spilt paint from an artistic endeavour, or being completely soaking from falling into a pond you will be able to share in your child’s joy of what they have accomplished if you are not panicking about them having something clean to wear the next day.

Bring an extra pair of everything if you can. If you are away for a week or longer find out o other are any laundry facilities you can use, being able to throw clothes in the wash will cut down on your packing requirement extensively.

Fed kids are happy kidsThere is nothing worse than trying to keep a handful of hangry kids from clawing each other eyes futon a long drive to your holiday home. While you and your partner may be able to stave off hunger and remain civilised it is far less likely that your kids will be able to. Build in meal breaks to even the shortest of day trips and consider bringing snacks to hold hungry little ones over until the next meal time. Use small cookie cutters to make interesting shapes out of cold meat, cheese, apple slices and bread for homemade Lunchables with a fun twist and keep a bag of chocolate chips to hand for an easily portionable sweet treat.

Plan out some activities

Some children get nervous in unfamiliar surroundings and they may even suffer from homesickness while away. Planning out some activities in advance can be a great way to reduce anxiety levels. If your child starts to worry you can talk about what you are going to be doing tomorrow, pick up maps or flyers for your planned activities in advance to help get your child excited and take their mind off being away from home.

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