A Trio of Roller Coasters

The hubby and I are somewhat of Roller Coaster aficionados. When we first got together we made roller coaster riding a monthly staple of our free time, we even bought our first house together in Nottingham because it was a central location between a whole host of our favourite theme parks, yes we freely admit that we perhaps take our love of roller coasters and theme parks a tad too far, but hey we are happy.

Now that we have a family it can make it slightly trickier to get out to and onto our favourite coasters but it has had the upside of meaning that we now get to go on the kiddie roller coasters, trying to do that without kids only get you evil looks from other parents as well as the occasional mocking from tweens who assume that you are too scared to ride grown-up roller coasters.

Our oldest is now approaching the heady heights of 13 and is certainly taking after his parents with his love of roller coasters ad thanks to a pre-teenage growth spurt he is now tall enough to ride most of the grown-up roller coasters out there. Over the next month or so we will be taking him to three of our favourite coasters to celebrate the big 13.

The Scenic Railway

We wanted to begin, well at the beginning with a ride on the UK’s oldest roller coaster. The Scenic Railway was constructed in 1920 and is still going strong today thanks to a refurbishment that took place between 2009 and 2015. This wooden beauty of a roller coaster is located at Dreamland in Margate and in addition to being the boneshaker that wooden roller coasters tend to be The Scenic Railway os one  of the only coasters left that has a brakeman on the carriage who controls the speed of the cars by applying the brakes on twists and turns, talk about an authentic experience!


Our teenager to be has a certain need for speed so number two on our rollercoaster sampler has got to be Stealth at Thorpe Park, the fastest roller coaster in the country. Propelling you at speeds of 80 mph to heights of over 205ft this launch roller coaster is one of the husband’s favourites. Personally, I love the feeling of weightlessness you get after the big drop

Wicker Man

This Spring will see Wicker Man open at Alton Towers. Like The Scenic Railway the Wicker Man is made of wood (the first time a new roller coaster has been made of wood in over 30 years in the UK) but that is where the similarities end. Taking inspiration from the cult film The Wicker Man is slated to have a 14 meter drop and most excitingly, propel riders through a recreation of the iconic burning Wicker Man. What better way to round out a trio of roller coasters than with one that will be a first for all of us!



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