Five ways to hack the theme park

Heading to a theme park has all the makings of a great day out! There is something about stepping across the threshold of a theme park that transports you into a new world where everything seems that bit more special. There is the excitement of unfurling the park map for the first time to find out where everything is and how you can get there, and there is nothing quite like seeing rides in the distance and then realising they are even more exciting the closer you get. On the flip side of things taking the family to a theme park for the day can easily become a stressful day out with over excited, over tired children and grumpy partners needing their next food fix. Here are some of our top tips for making the most of your grand day out

Start at the back

If you are a thrill seeker and want to find a way to get the most rides in during your time at the park, arrive a opening and head straight to the rides that are furtherest away from the entrance. Most people will immediately start lining up for the rides closest to the entrance, but if you can hold your excitement till you make your way to the rides that are at the back of the park you are likely to be faced with much shorter lines and possibly even the chance to stay on for a second go  if no one else is waiting.

Go on the most popular rides at lunchtime

Timing can really make a difference to your day. Plan to get in line for the most popular rides between 12pm-1pm when people are looking for lunch. There is usually a drop off in line queues  around this hour as people grab a bite to eat. If you are at a park where there is the option get timed tickets for popular rides, lunchtime spots are often some of the last to go, ideal if you arrive to the park later in the day.

Check if there is a single rider option

Most visitors to them parkas are part of a group who want to share the experience of  a thrill ride together. There are not many ways to skip the lines as a large group so instead consider riding solo to get the most time on rides rather than in line. Many theme parks offer a single rider line that can be exponentially shorter than the main one. Single rider liens exist so theme park staff can fill ride cars to their capacity eg. if a log flume log can hold 6 people but a group of 5 has all sat down in it staff can go to the single rider line to fill the log.


Don’t eat at lunchtime

In the same vein as the tip about hitting the most popular rides at lunchtime, don’t eat lunch at lunchtime. Eateries will be packed to the gills during the 12pm-1pm come prepared with snacks to stave off hunger till later in the day so you can enjoy a more leisurely eating experience.

Check for discounts

The same way that you check the sale rack first when shopping for new threads, be on the lookout for discounts that will make your trip affordable as well as fun! If you have a couple of days to spare consider staying overnight at a theme park that has accommodation or a resort attached can work out to an amazing value, with the added bonus that you don’t need to cram the excitement of your chosen theme park into a single day.

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